Young Adult GOH – Steph C

Steph C

Steph C (they/them) is the founder, owner, and writer for, the 2023 ENNIE awarded resource for youth-related tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs). They have written over 350 articles providing tips, game reviews, reading lists, and more, all focused on TTRPGs for kids and teens. Steph has self-published over 50 digital TTRPG titles for all-ages that focus on social-emotional learning, education, and fun in addition to print-publishing Bakers, Charge!, a baking competition tabletop RPG for kids and adults to play and enjoy together.

They are also a co-founder of Tattered Bear, a support service for all-ages TTRPG indie publishers. They have used educational TTRPG elements in the college engineering course that they taught, designed and tested airbags during their time as an automotive engineer, worked on a supersonic jet inlet project with NASA, and generally are a very hands-on and nerdy person who wants to make sure that the next generation truly enjoys learning and finds their passion.