How To Volunteer

Hello People of ConFusion!

ConFusion can only happen with the support of the community. As we have been working to rebuild after the Covid-19 emergency, we have been unable to offer the same type of incentives as we have in the past. While we are still unable to offer the same level of volunteer incentives as the past, we are thrilled to announce a change for this year only. 

If you are willing to volunteer for 5 hours, and pre-schedule those hours with Ops, you may purchase an At-the-Door Volunteer Membership for $50. You will only be allowed to purchase the special membership once Ops verifies that you have scheduled a minimum of 5 volunteer hours. For those who pre-registered, we are offering a refund of the difference between your pre-registered rate and the volunteer rate of $50 on Sunday.  Please see Ops for the hours that the Treasurer will be available to issue your refund. 

At this time, we are not able to offer additional discounts on Staff or Panelist Memberships. We will not be offering any discounts for future ConFusion Memberships as a volunteer incentive. 

Special notes for volunteer hours: Volunteer hours will be available until the requested volunteer spots are filled. Each ConFusion Department requests volunteer hours through Ops, we will work to fill the volunteer spots in order of need. Attendance at your scheduled volunteer hours will be verified by Ops. Failure to complete your volunteer hours may result in you being unable to volunteer for ConFusion in the future. 

In addition, the Gopher Hole will be available on a limited basis for those who volunteer an additional 2 hours for each night’s stay requested. The Gopher Hole is only available on Friday and Saturday nights and will be first-come, first served. 

If you are interested in volunteering, please email and a member of the Ops staff will reach out to you. You can also fill out the following form: 2024 ConFusion Volunteer Sign Up

Additionally, you may visit the Ops desk at Labyrinth of ConFusion to schedule your shifts before purchasing your badge at Registration.