Panelist Application

NOTE: Panelist applications are now closed. If you have any questions about being a panelist, please contact

If you are interested in speaking on or moderating a panel, being a Game Master, or performing music for Labyrinth of Confusion, follow the link below and fill out the provided form.

Notes on the form:

  • Being a panelist means that you are ready to do at least 1 hour of panel participation in order to receive the panelist rate.  The mass autograph signing and readings do not count toward the panelist rate.  
  • Signing up to be a Game Master means that you are ready to do at least 8 hours of game running in order to receive the discounted rate.
  • If you would like to suggest a panel for Labyrinth of Confusion, please use our Panel Idea Submission form.
  • Please email with any questions or concerns about being a panelist.
  • Authors who are approved as panelists will be reached out to by ConFusion for the opportunity to participate in readings and signings. For any questions about reading and signing, please email

Panelist application deadline is NOVEMBER 15, 2023.

Due to changes in the status of the COVID emergency, we will not be requiring masks or proof of vaccination for the 2024 convention. Masks are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED, however, as they prevent the spread of more than COVID.