Artist Alley Application

[Artist Alley Applications are now closed]

Our Artist Alley is perfect for those who do not require the necessity of special setups, or a locked down Dealer’s Room. Artists featured in our Artist Alley have no set times to be at their tables, however we do recommend that Artists try to be present during the Dealer Room hours, as that is when foot traffic is busiest.

Artist Alley is comprised of single table set-ups, located in the large open hall near the ballrooms of our hotel. At no time is it closed down or locked, therefore Artist Alley participants are responsible for the security of their own products.

Tables are provided by the hotel on request.

Please note:

* Artist Alley is juried (not all applicants will be granted space).  
* Table prices are $110 ( includes 1 badge). Limit 1 table (6 ft). 
* May purchase 1 additional badge at $50.00
* No refunds/transfers/exchanges on Artist Alley tables or badges after acceptance and purchase.
* Each participant must have a badge to operate in Artist Alley.
* Pre-Registered Badges are $70. You can also earn a discounted badge through panel participation.
* All payments must be processed through PayPal.
* Badges purchased after pre-registration is closed will be subject to at-the door prices.  
* Applications are due by October 30, 2023.